Andrew Garfield in Full Spidey Gear [Pics]

New images of Andrew Garfield in costume for next summer’s The Amazing Spider-Man have leaked out into the interwebs and a detailed teaser trailer description landed not long ago. While no video has surfaced, we do have this up-close look at Spidey’s new costume, plus the new cover of EW featuring Garfield in the full suit, minus mask.

The Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con issue releases July 22, but you’ll have to hold out until July 3, 2012 for The Amazing Spider-Man to reach the big screen.


[ScreenRant and G.TDW]


5 Responses to Andrew Garfield in Full Spidey Gear [Pics]

  1. I was hating on this suit for months. But, now that we've got high-quality, close up shots, it isn't so bad. Loving the classic shooters, that weird streaking and striping on the legs and gloves is still weird, though.

    Don't screw this up, guys. Please.

  2. Very much like. But… is that supposed to be Mary Jane? Please tell me we aren’t making MJ a blonde instead of a redhead…

  3. I grew up on the comic books of Spider Man and as great as Stan Lee was I always thought that having to create web shooters was the one drawback. I always wondered how that was the one spider power Peter didn't get. As far as I am concerned Sam Raimi fixed that oversight.

    Going back to the mechanical web shooters is like everyone trading in their cars for a wagon and some horses.

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