Kaley Cuoco’s Slave Leia PSA [Video]

Ladies, listen closely to Kaley Cuoco: we have options. (Though I strongly advise against the Chewbacca suggestion.)

[Nerd Machine]


4 Responses to Kaley Cuoco’s Slave Leia PSA [Video]

  1. Or any number of scantly clad, plate bikini wearing or just downright awkward anime characters.

    The world needs more Bubblegum Crisis.

  2. Bonus nerdy points for the Marion costume; it should come with a bottle of high proof alcohol.
    Girl costumes don't have to be slutty to be awesome.

  3. Kaley Cuoco likes nerds as much as turkey's like Xmas. She has always liked hard and ready guys. "The whole nerd thing" is nothing but a mock. Declaring her love of nerds in Playboy magazine "says it all" Kaley Cuoco and showrunner Chuck Lorre are laughing all the way to the bank. What a bloody cheek……….