Robin Cook’s Super-Hot Game Girl Cosplay [Gallery]

From the mastermind behind our epic Star Wars photo shoot post, Robin Cook, we give you Joanna Dark, Kitana, Misty and Lara Croft. Great work, ladies! These pics are made of win.

All images copyright Robin Cook Photography, 2011.


15 Responses to Robin Cook’s Super-Hot Game Girl Cosplay [Gallery]

  1. If you wonder why I always photograph tattooed girls… well…..I don't know of any non-tattooed models around my area and haven't been contacted by them. Tattoos are very common and popular around here. :-)

  2. Pretty yes. Super hot no. Tattoos are graffiti in my humble opinion. If you were a 10 without them you are a 8 now. If you were an 8 without them you are a 6 now.. depending on how many you got of course. It never, ever, ever makes you hotter. Period.

    • well you got it sort of right tatoos are graffiti

      that is they are art if done right by a skilled artist they will enhance the canvas on wich they are created.
      and completly subjective and personal
      if you are shallow enouf to judge purely on a 1-10 scale then more fool you and to top it off you arn't brave enouf to put your name to it nuff said

  3. I find it intriguing that people can be so rude and act as ignorant as cattle. Every one of those women have fantastic personalities. Looks don't always have to be everything but I also think it's funny that the only people who don't have avatars with their "names" are the ones making such outlandish comments. I wonder if you yourself aren't happy with your own looks so you feel the need to comment on others when this is clearly a place to share art! :D Opinions are like assholes…everyone has them but SOME are still shit.

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