Monday Morning Links Serving: The July 11th Edition

Top 10 Real World Easter Eggs and Cheat Codes
You might think that you have to wait in line, buy only what’s offered to you, subject yourself to advertisements, and generally go through you day accepting nuisances because that’s just how the world works. But just like on your computer, there are easter eggs hiding out in the real world just waiting to let you unlock the bonus levels of life.

Facebook Scam Pretends to Connect You With Video Calling [WARNING]
Facebook and Skype teamed up to bring you video calling, but at the same time, scammers are teaming up to trick you into spamming all your Facebook friends, using the lure of the new video calling feature

Mac OS X Lion: This Is Not the Future We Were Hoping For
It breaks my heart to say this, but Mac OSX Lion’s interface feels like a failure

FCC closer to finalizing Net neutrality rules
The Federal Communications Commission registered its Net neutrality rules with the Office of Management and Budget yesterday, which is the next step in making the new regulations official.

Top ISPs Agree to Become Copyright Cops
Some of the top ISPs, including Comcast, Cablevision, Verizon, and Time Warner Cable, have officially agreed to step up efforts to protect the rights of copyright owners, a move first reported last month by CNET.


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