Pottermore Promises More Potter, Cowbell

If seven books and eight films (and untold thousands of pages of fanfic) aren’t quite enough Harry Potter for you, then you’re in luck. Pottermore, the site announced by JK Rowling yesterday morning, promises a lot to Potterheads: the series will be available in ebook and digital audio formats for the first time ever; the free site will be “shaped by readers” in some as-yet-unexplained way; previously unreleased information about the Potterverse, short stories and probably exclusive Pottermore merchandise will be available through Pottermore.com. Aside from that, it’s all still rather hazy, but the tease is enough to keep fans anticipating the site’s official launch in October. Watch for update regarding the July 31st entry for a million lucky early subscribers, who will get to check out Pottermore on Harry’s birthday.



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  1. milking that cash cow for all it's worth… I put a unique email in, we'll see if it gets any spam come October by which time I'll have forgotten all about it!

    • Since it's assembled by JK Rowling (and presumably, Warner Bros), there won't be a lawsuit.  And it won't need ad revenue to survive – but apparently, avid HP fans will still shape the content without compensation.

  2. Definitely not the first time on audiobook. If I'm not mistaken, JK Rowling has made sure the audiobooks were released at the same time as the books, so all not to screw over her visually impaired fans. 

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