Monday Morning Links Serving: The June 20th Edition

Microsoft to malware: your AutoRunning days on Windows are numbered
Beware, malware. The Windows AutoRun updates for Vista and XP SP3 that Microsoft released in February have so far proven successful in thwarting your file corrupting ways.

HOW TO: Get the Most Out of the iPhone Camera’s HDR Functionality
Amateur and professional iPhotographers have a little-known tool in their mobile belt. The iPhone 4 offers “HDR” functionality that can help you get the most out of the phone’s built-in camera.

Revealed: 10 big Apple Store secrets
In The Wall Street Journal, former employees dish on how the retail juggernaut tightly controls the customer experience.

How Bad Do We Really Have it? Bandwidth Caps Around the World
Remember the days when unlimited Internet connections were just that? Unlimited? I’m not talking about a generational gap here—it seems like but a few years ago, that $40, or $60, or $80 you shuffled away to your favorite Internet service provider each month got you true unlimited Internet.

10 Tips for Safe Social Networking
Former congressman Anthony Weiner’s downfall provides valuable lessons for us all.


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