How Green Is Your Internet?

Made for HungryBeast on ABC TV, this short animated infographic explains how much energy the wired world is sucking down right now.



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  1. I really think some people out there want us to believe the carbon foot print of the Internet is a serious issue. I don't think so. Sure it is an issue, but it seems as though it's hyped up x10 or so. It aint that bad, compare that data to the shipping industry an see how little the Internet compares in contrast. Moving on,  Natural is better when we put it our mouths, but yet coal, oil, water, sun, wind are all natural, you would not eat it of course, but just to say, all this talk about oil, remember it aint man made and there are hundreds of little fissures in the ocean where oil seeps out all day long, whos cleaning up mother nature? We only seem to care when it hits out own backyard. Whether you burn down a tree, toss it in a lake, or the tree dies naturally due to a tornado and it decomposes in to the ground, it still leaves the same foot print. You cant have more of something when you only have X to start with. 

  2. Before you go looking for the show, Americans, That'd be ABC as in Australian Broadcasting Corporation, our government channel, not your ABC.

    Also worth watching from our ABC would be "Unbelievable", which if you liked Penn and Teller's show Bullshit! you'll propably enjoy. If you like ghosts, alt med, and other such bollocks, maybe not so much.

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