Amazing LEGO Orrery [Video]

Check out this amazing LEGO orrery by Flickr user V&A Steamworks.

I always wanted to build something like this ever since I saw a giant fantasy orrery in the movie Dark Crystal. As it has been on my builder’s ‘wish list’ for a while I figured the Iron Builder Competition was a perfect time to try one out!

I made it with the Sun off-centered ( vs. center ) to make it more dynamic to view. The cycles and planets and moons are all fantasy based ( so go cry to your Mom if you don’t like how Mars has a Moon or Venus looks like Jupiter )
Thanks for watching!

[Via FG]


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  1. Ready for a little science heresy?  Grab hold of the earth and keep it still.  Watch how everything revolves around the earth in a geocentric universe…  Makes the math harder, but who's to say it's wrong? :)
    Have a nice day…

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