StarCraft Geeks Pick Up Lines [Video]

These dudes are trying to get a date with ramdom ladies by using StarCraft-themed pick up lines. Will they succeed? Check the following video to find out.

StarCraft lingo used (in order):

0. Nuclear launch detected
1. Carrier has arrived
2. Did somebody call for an exterminator?
3. I’m going to six-pool you so hard and baneling bust all over your face/base
4. 2-rack build
5. Zerg rush
6. Fungal Growth
7. Holy Check
8. Scouting
9. APM (actions per minute)
10. Grandmaster League
11. Day 9 made me do it
12. Stim pack
13. Bear semen
14. Destiny Cloud Fist
15. Good Luck Have Fun
16. Hwaiting
17. The Little One
18. The merging is complete
19. Where’s Cella?
20. Gosu
21. SlayersBoxer
22. IMBA
23. Bad Manner
24. From the shadows I come
25. Dark Templar
26. Overlord
27. I’m Lit!
28. OP (Overpowered)
29. Terrible, terrible damage


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