Official Geeks are Sexy T-Shirts are Back in Stock!

Hey Everyone, since several of you have asked to be notified when our über awesome “Force” t-shirts (see below) were going to be back in stock, here’s a short post doing just that! :) This is by far our best selling shirt of all time, so we stocked plenty, just to be sure we don’t run out of them anytime soon. As always, if you enter promo code “geeksaresexy”, you’ll get 10% off at checkout.

We’ve also made a new batch of our original t-shirts since they too have always been pretty popular.

Lastly, we’re selling all our remaining “break for drake” shirts for just $10. You can check them out right here.

Don’t forget to enter promo code “geeksaresexy” at checkout to get 10% off!!!

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