Introducing the PS Vita [Video]

Armed with dual analog sticks, front- and rear-mounted cameras, a multi-touch backing, 5-inch OLED touchscreen, sixaxis motion sensor, wifi, 3G (through AT&T, which sent a round of boos through the audience), and a slew of games designed to utilize its multiple control systems, the PS Vita is a packed-to-the-gills next-gen for the PS3. Retail price for the wifi-only version: $249. With 3G: $299.

So, who wants one?

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  1. I know there is a lot of talk of competition between this and 3DS, but I am not sure that will be the case at all. It seems like these two machines will cater to completely different audiences. I can also expect, after the obligatory tech-demo games, this platform being stuck somewhere between PS3 lite (along with all the PS3 ports and spin-offs) and a tablet computer. On the other side of the coin the 3DS has the classic Nintendo titles behind it, and will end up being in a similar position to the DS, successful, yet niche.

    Of course I am probably wrong.

  2. Great now I have 3 sons who now think their PSP's are obsolete…I keep telling them get used to it, such is the life of technology

    • get their favorite toy/clothing and tell them its obsolete now and puppy if u can

      jk obvisouly, but yeah, technology changes/improves so rapidly nowadays, that its expensive to keep kids happy

    • Dude its never been possible to keep kids happy.  There is ALWAYS something new each season. So sayth the guy who worked at Toys R us for 10 years in the 90's.  The problem is our culture and especially Apple has forced the notion that has escalated in the last 15 years that if you don't have the latest bling you aren't cool. Its all about status, the white earbuds, and what new toy you can get.  That said….WANTS!

    • I totally agree! Every year there is something new on the market for consumers to buy. I hate to say it, but I am one of them. Not too sure yet if I`m going to buy this one, but we`ll see what happens when it is released.

  3. Speaking as a 19 year old who has always been interested in technology and games, but never expensive price-tags… Eh.

    Wait a couple'a years – or months, even – they'll be giving this away.

    • Bummer, I like my UMD"S, not having to download everything in order to play a game. And definitely not having to be tied to the Playstation Network for digital content; I haven't accessed that account in years (long before it became the only way to get games, etc.)

      Not interested, thanks.

      • well actually, the ps vita is not just going to have downloadable games, most of the games will be in a game card such as the ds, here is a picture.
        So, you might not be able to use your umds, but you certainly won't need to rely on playstation network for games, the game card is simply replacing the umd.

  4. You're going to watch the 3G version fail just because it's carried by AT&T – and because it's 3G.
    3G is on it's way out, so why did they pick that? Better yet, why AT&T? surely they must know the degree to which people believe they suck (I'm stuck between hating them and tolerating them – the coverage is decent where I live, but their customer support sucks to say the least).
    The only reason the iPhone did well on AT&T was because they were the only ones who had it and because it's a phone, you kinda need a network. This is a hand-held gaming console. 3G is pretty much optional. If the company was one consumers favored, then they would shell out the extra cash – not only for the hardware, but the service as well. This is not the case, so people will just opt for the cheaper WiFi and save themselves the money; especially with the penetration that WiFi has achieved in cities – you're hard pressed to *not* find an unsecured/open/free WiFi spot no matter where you are.

    • not to mention, Sony has said that the 3g with at&t would be too slow to even game online, the only thing you would be able to do is surf the web and check updates. So no one is going to pay $50 extra, and most likely a monthly fee with at&t for its horrible coverage, lack of gaming online, and slow 3g. I completely agree, the 3g version of the PS Vita gonna bomb.

  5. This looks like a PSP go (which, if I remember correctly, tanked horribly) meets Iphone/droid. I already miss the flat joystick the 3DS picked up n the PSP dropped especially on this case bc how much fun can holding them against your head be? And if it's speaker phone exclusive, how many ppl like being on speaker phone?
    I s'pose this could be met w/ the concept of the bluetooth headset, however, that doesn't exactly make this ready out of the box, now does it?

    • haha, can you imagine if it were a phone though? that would be the most unwieldy thing.
      but yeah, like how some kindles have 3G (also through AT&T in the US). it's probably to allow downloading of content and browsing the web, etc. is it going to be like steam where you have to be connected to play games? that would be terrible.

    • First of all, this is so much better than the psp go and the iphone in terms of gaming, the PS Vita has dual analog sticks, the first on any handheld device. Which, if you don't know, makes almost any game easier to play with. Second, this is not a phone, its a gaming device. Your not going to have speaker phone, or have to hold it up to your head because ITS NOT A PHONE! So before you make such a ridiculous comment, make sure its legit.

  6. They would have picked 3G to make it usable in other countries, not just the US. Not all countries have LTE networks yet.

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