Monday Morning Links Serving: The June 6th Edition

33 working Lego creations that are more than just toys
Incredible as the official Lego sets are (i.e. Burj Khalifa), the best creations aren’t the ones that are sold in stores or sit on a bookshelf looking spectacular.

Why Hackers Hate Sony
It’s not such a happy time over at Sony these days thanks to the bull’s-eye on its back.

What’s your cell phone’s maximum radiation level?
Search this database or browse the full listing from the Environmental Working Group.

“ZOMG” & “Twittersphere” Enter the Oxford Dictionary
As of this week, you’ll be able to justify the word “ZOMG” using the Oxford Dictionaries Online. Should you feel the need to alert the “Twittersphere,” you can spellcheck that, too.

France bans terms “Facebook” and “Twitter” from broadcasts
France has reportedly enacted new legislation that aims to ban broadcasters from uttering terms related to popular social networking websites that originated in the US.

Stick Up: Antimatter Atoms Trapped for More Than 15 Minutes
CERN physicists have forced flighty atoms of antihydrogen to stick around, potentially affording a better look at how antimatter behaves.


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