Coming to Xbox: Live TV, YouTube and More

In this morning’s Xbox press conference at E3, Microsoft announced a few new features. First, the console will be getting Live TV this fall, which could prove to be a major stumbling block for cable network providers, as Xbox will also be featuring YouTube, Bing and voice control. Time will tell, but I suspect those who already subscribe to Xbox Live will find that also paying for cable service is redundant.¬†You can’t get that from DirecTV. (Sorry, Russian gangster. Your pygmy giraffe can’t compete.)

You’ll be able to use Bing to find more content to watch, by searching the Web, YouTube, Live TV, and all the services on Xbox Live, including existing ones like Netflix and Hulu Plus. And voice control will let you speak your search item, such as the name of a movie, TV show, or game.

That means less time fiddling around with a controller. “You no longer have to navigate through the menus to find content,” said Mark Whitten, head of Xbox Live.

No details were released in regard to price increase or the new features’ launch dates.

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  1. Considering, at least in my area, that you receive extended basic cable with your cable internet, and that in order to stream anything large from an over-glorified computer game console, you will want nothing less than cable internet, and the infrastructure for internet providers better than cable internet is severely lacking… then I don't think that cable providers will really find this to be a huge blow.  Instead, they'll probably laugh it off.

  2. "Over-glorified" is an understatement…
    But that basic cable package I'm willing to bet has nothing along the lines of an OnDemand service. If I'm reading this right, then Microsoft is working directly with the networks (The channels, not the providers) to bring their own version of an OnDemand service, through the Xbox. This will be a hit among college students – I know it will be at my school. They give us cable, but it's the weirdest selection of channels and we're all so busy, that being able to watch on our own schedule would be nice.
    I just hope Microsoft 1: doesn't try to charge too much for this service. 2: Offers a discounted upgrade path for those who already have gold – rather than making us pay full price (half-way through our Gold subscriptions) to upgrade to Diamond.

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