Coming Soon: Batarang Controllers

If the idea of playing Batman: Arkham City with the traditional PS3 or Xbox 360 controller doesn’t feel authentic enough for you, never fear: Power-A has announced a pair of Batman-themed controllers for release in conjunction with the game this fall.

Batman fans will revel in the authenticity of the design of the Batarang, while gamers will appreciate the comfort and performance that POWER A brings to these one-of-a-kind controllers. The Batarang controller for PlayStation 3 is wireless with reverse analog sticks and a Batman-themed USB RF receiver. The Batarang controller for Xbox 360 is a wired controller with a 10-foot / 3m inline release cable.



4 Responses to Coming Soon: Batarang Controllers

  1. I use a wired controller. I mean don't you just hate when half way through a match and bam controller dies and so do you because of it. I do not like the D-pad and analogue stick switch for the PS3 controller I mean it's just becoming an xbox controller now and it just doesn't look right for a sony. I also see a lack of a Mic attachment for the xbox one. =(

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