Calling All Writerly Types

You never know where writers are lurking. Being a writer is less about having a writing career than it is about doing something that feels natural and compulsory; I’ve met corporate attorneys, computer scientists, kindergarten teachers and baristi who all spend spare minutes and hours each day scribbling stories into notebooks or plotting thrillers in OneNote.  That said, I suspect there are a few of you who do something similar.

The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog is taking short fiction (and creative nonfiction) submissions for publication on the site in July. Since our audience is largely focused on mainstream and literary fiction, I’m hoping some of you will have excellent sci-fi, fantasy, alt-history or apocalyptic, rise of the machines-type stuff we can share. We’ll be running 31 days of new stories in multiple genres–anything except fanfic, slash and erotica will be considered.

There’s no reading fee and simultaneous submissions are accepted. Only manuscripts written in English can be considered–if your first language is something other than English, you must translate it yourself since our staff are not bilingual. (Unless you count Klingon, in which case there might be one of us who can help you out.)

The deadline is June 30, 2011. If you’d like more info, check out the guidelines on BDCWB. To go directly to the submissions editor, click here.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled [GAS] content. Thanks!


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