The Evolution of DARPA’s Nano Air Vehicle

DARPA has recently released a video demonstrating the evolution of its hummingbird-like Nano Air Vehicle (NAV) from 2006 until now.

In 2005, DARPA announced the Nano Air Vehicle (NAV) program and its goal to develop agile and flyers system that could fit in one hand. This video chronicles the development of a “hummingbird” flyer by Aerovironment from concept to prototype demonstration and introduction to the public.

Next step, a similar vehicle as big as a common house fly, used to film your every move. Scary thought, isn’t it?

[Via TDW]


3 Responses to The Evolution of DARPA’s Nano Air Vehicle

  1. DARPA is becoming ever more proficient at making the world have involuntary bowel movements.

  2. So cool! Man, we really live in an era of sci-fi novels. It's funny how we're so used to computers and technology that we don't even realize how amazing it is!

  3. It makes me think of that quote from the Jurassic Park movie.. "You're scientists were so busy seeing if they COULD do something, they never stopped to think if they SHOULD"
    Indeed, the tech is impressive. It's too bad humans have failed to evolve as quickly as out technologies.