Why You Should NEVER Text and Drive! [Video]

For those of you who occasionally text while driving, check out the following video for a very good reason why you shouldn’t do it.

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    • He obviously doesn't need to watch the camera to film, he still has both hands on the wheel, as you can see by the camera panning with the swerve of the road. Also this man appears to be a very competent driver, he's not swerving all over the road in order to put the quality of his camera footage before safety. This man didn't cause an accident.

  1. Why do Americans over react so dramatically, I mean seriously he sounded like he'd just witnessed the most heinous accident of all time.

    • Why do foreigners underreact?  You talk like those people don't have thousands of dollars to pay mechanics.  What if one can't afford his premium, and he goes deep into debt?  What if one is injured, and he spends the next six months arguing with the hospital about who pays the bill?  It happened to me.

      • Why the hell would the guy in the car following give a monkeys about those things…..and the guy crashing obviously didn't care due to not really paying attention to driving…Chopper says harden the f**k up

  2. So, videoing and following way too close is fine? If he had hit that first close call the story would read much differently.

  3. So we don't know if the driver was texting or not. It was an assumption made by the guy filming. The driver could have been drunk, on drugs, ill, getting a blow job or giving himself one off the wrist. The other shocking thing about this video is the dickhead shouting 'oh my god' over and over like some melodramatic queen.

    • Ever witnessed an accident? If you've got an ounce of empathy in you, it's at least a small dramatic experience that you have to get out of your system somehow. I saw a woman get hit by a car in a crosswalk right in front of me–the car wasn't moving all that fast, but it still knocked her down. After we called some help for her, calmed her down, and things were resolved, it was draining. I know that sounds stupid, but thinking about experiencing something and actually experiencing something are two different things.

      That said, the guy filming while driving is still an idiot to be filming it, but he's not a drama queen.

      • Ridiculous, there is no need for him shouting oh my god so many times, you're just as over-reactive as him, why else would you feel the need to include your personal (and frankly lame) experience? The fact is that people who actually have seen a REAL accident where someone get REALLY hurt, they would never blurt it across the internet and they are the ones who have more of a right to comment on this crap than anyone. The thing is you wouldn't know it, why would you assume that Shaun hasn't seen an accident from his comment there? Whether he did or did not you need to think about other people's possible situations before thinking you're high and mighty and have the most insight to an event.

  4. Stop filming and call the police!! Honk your horn, flash your lights, something other than just filming and making assumptions about what the driver might have been doing.

    At least on the bright side, the innocent drivers that he ran into will at least have a decent court case.

  5. Well filming is somewhat understandable, at least you're constantly looking at the road while doing it, and likely he was doing this to use as evidence to what the guy was doing, whether it be texting, drunk, ect.

  6. He should have flashed lights or honked.

    If I was going to film it though, I sure would have been further back – The car he hit could easily have slewed over right in front of him.

    • I didnt think he was THAT close to the guy, but if he was further back he could have been just as easily hit by a veered vehicle. Most people dont know how to handle a car that has been hit or clipped, and will often time hit the gas as likely as the break. So not much need to think too much about all that :) 

  7. >>Why do Americans over react so dramatically, I mean seriously he sounded like he'd just witnessed the most heinous accident of all time.<<  Why do people generalize.  Believe me, I've seen other people from countries all across the globe over react, not just the same, but far worse.
    Most people who have never witness an accident first hand, ever in their lives, react very dramatically.  Not just Americans.

    • Iraq is not an over reaction, it is the product of a corrupted leader, who has money in foreign oil. 

      • Oh I don't know…..OH OH OH Weapons of Mass Destruction…..oh actually it was just a toaster factory, my bad……oh you already invaded….bollocks.

      • For some reason I can't reply to adam but quite seriously, your judging an entire nation based on the actions of our leader, and some of us over here thought it was a waste of our time…>>; So no, we're not all over-reactors.

  8. The reason being; that was the worst law enforcement officer ever.
    – Watch dangerous driving for a while.
    – Scream "Oh my god" repeatedly when the car crashes.

    • also, during the day you likely wont notice the lights if you dont notice ANYTHING else on the road. And he probably had a radio or something on, I cant remember the last time I have been in a car when there wasnt something playing on the box, makes it hard to hear a horn in that case too

  9. AT LEAST THE GUY VLOGGING AND DRIVING IS STILL WATCHING THE GODDAMN ROAD! People, knock this "OMG VLOG AND DRIVING IS JUST AS BAD" bullshit off, it's seriously infuriating seeing stupid comments like that with like 55 "likes" behind it. When you TEXT and drive, most of you have your eyes completely off the road while you mash your idiotic touch-screen keyboard (which I wish would STOP being standard smartphone fare – thank you, Apple, for that). Very few of us actually have the mental capability of typing on a QWERTY *without* looking at it, but it's worth it. It's a TEXT message for chrissake, it was sent with low urgency (otherwise they'd just call you), so they can wait 'til you get to a stop light or better: get to your destination. Just keep the phone out as a reminder. There's no need to endanger *everything* just to get a text message out.

    But I think, more importantly, this video did absolutely nothing to show that the guy was actually texting. Any conscious human being would've put the phone down after about the third time they crossed over into the shoulder, let alone swerving into oncoming traffic… this guy was clearly either inebriated or otherwise incapacitated… there's NO way that was caused by conscious texting. No way in hell.

  10. i doubt this is due to texting… i have seen this before, when someone had a heart attack while driving, not very fun, and very similar to the way this person is driving.

    How ppl have just assumed this is due to texting is beyond me… i hope the driver is ok.

  11. 20-year-old neighbor of mine died last month checking a text while driving. Made me realize that nothing sent in a text message could be so important that it couldn't wait the 15 minutes it takes to get wherever I'm driving to.

  12. I think he was stoned there is no way he was texting and swerving for that long, if your texting and you see your swerving into an other lane your are going to abruptly change directions, not gradually drift back into your lane. 

  13. There was a second video.  Sure it doesn't explicitly show that the guy was texting, but maybe people should pay attention to comments placed on the video:

  14. While I read this a while back, here is my analysis now. The guy did stop, and THEN posted this. So why would he post a title such as "text and drive", instead of "heart attack while driving"…?

  15. While I read this a while back, here is my analysis now. The guy did stop, and THEN posted this. So why would he post a title such as "text and drive", instead of "heart attack while driving"…?

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