StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm Expansion Pack Trailer Leaked

The trailer for StarCraft II’s upcoming expansion pack, Heart of the Swarm, was recently “leaked” on youtube and is still available there for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, there’s no official word out yet from Blizzard on the pack’s final release date.



6 Responses to StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm Expansion Pack Trailer Leaked

  1. I dont care. Give me Diablo 3 ffs. Quit developing expansions for new games and publish the ones that have been in production for fucking ever.

    • Allegedly going to be priced as an expac for a full game, with possible addition of units to multiplayer (LIKE MAH MEDICS AND FIREBATS)

  2. as for the people complaining about diablo 3 they are still working on that game, sc2 has been done, this is just the another 3rd of the story. think of it like when they filmed LOTR that movie was done all at once yet came out over three years. are we that impatient that we have to have everything now?

  3. The new units they teased at Blizzcon look amazing. Tons of new gameplay options/strategies. My favorite is probably the replicant for protoss that lets you clone any unit (but probably hardest to balance). The shredder for terran feels like it should have actually been given to zerg since terrans have so many map control options already.

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