Crazy-Awesome Comics Art Hot Off the Presses [Pics]

I’m a sucker for comics. Not in that I read them, necessarily, but I love the art form as a whole–from black-and-white, stylized modernism to dynamic color sketch to hyper-realistic ink and paint, I’m a fan.

So, since ComicsAlliance started posting their Best Art Ever (This Week) series, I make sure I check it out. You should too, if you’ve got a little bit of love for superheroes and the people who draw them.

There’s a little bit of everything, including Iron Man by Kenneth Rocafort:

Storm, as drawn by Ivanna Matilla

And mashups, because of course, right? This one is from Santi Casas:

There’s a lot to like about this gallery. Go check it out!

[ComicsAlliance via Neatorama]