Swanky Accessories for Your Favorite Geek Girl

Be still, my geeky heart. There are lots of things I love, but gadgets and jewelry both hang out somewhere near the top of the list. So when I came across these tech-based jewelry designs, I had to physically restrain myself from spending the down payment for my Virgin Galactic spaceflight on resistor and crystal baubles. I think any lady geek would love these.

Rhinestone USB Drive Necklace

Available in 8, 16 or 32 GB capacity and sterling or silver plate, with a silver chain to keep the cap attached when in use.

Blue Resistor Filigree Necklace and Earrings

I never noticed how bead-like resistors are. This comes with a set of matching earrings, which are also awesome. In case you’re curious, those are 1.5Kohm, 1.5ohm, and .2ohm resistors on soldered wire and chain.

Microcontroller Earrings

Who knew a BASIC Stamp 3/8″ microcontroller on an earring post could be so awesome?

Multiple Diode Necklace

1amp, 3amp, and 6amp diodes strung together with hand-made jump rings.

These are all from Zelle’s 1337 jewelry collection, a high-end line of geek-appropriate necklaces and earrings. I can’t feature them all here, but there are plenty more designs available.

[source and images: fractalspin]

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