Female Link Cosplay [Pic]

Nerd 1: Where did you get the sword and shield?
Nerd 2: Some redhead dressed like Link came over, took off all her clothes, and said I could have whatever I see.
Nerd 1: Good choice, the clothes probably wouldn’t fit.

[Source: Ryan Thompson]


27 Responses to Female Link Cosplay [Pic]

  1. That's actually my cosplay costume that my buddy Ryan at RMT Photography shot in Florida.

    • Why in the world was she dressed as Link at a Ren Faire?
      I mean, I've seen a couple of fairies at my local one…. but Link?

  2. That's the difference between geeks and nerds.  Nerds would take only the cool looking clothes, geeks, well, they'd take her (and VERY likely the sword and shield.)

  3. A few thoughts…

    I would have played that game if Link looked anything like her.
    She's yummy. I like her eyes. That's what drew me to the picture (after I saw her red hair).
    Lastly… "I'll be in my bunk."

    • He was a Redhead in the original Zelda, strawberry blond in Ocarina of Time, Purple-haired in Link to the Past, brown-haired in Zelda 2 and Twilight Princess, and brown-haired in the old cartoon series. I don't think the hair color matters unless someone goes straight black / white.

      • WoW, now this is the geekiest geek of them all. lol No offense dude. As long as you still noticed how hot the model is.