Monday Morning Links Serving: The May 23rd Edition

U.S. Government Starts New Round of ‘Pirate’ Domain Seizures
US authorities have resumed “Operation In Our Sites” and have seized several domain names associated with copyright infringement or counterfeit related crimes.

Ten cars that look like they were designed by aliens
Yesterday, we asked you to get your tin foil hats on and tell us which cars you thought might have been from another world. Today, like Scully & Mulder, we attempt to uncover some truth.

Malware Macpocalypse: Is the wolf at the door?
Suppose the moment arrived that security experts have warned about and the Apple faithful have pooh-poohed: A piece of malware aimed at Macintosh users gains a successful foothold in the OS X computing ecosystem. What might that scenario look like?

Android grabs 53% of global smartphone market share; iOS 50% of application revenues
A new report published by Millennial Media paints a picture of the global smartphone landscape in April of 2011.

How Stuff Works: Blasters
A blaster was a ranged weapon that fired bursts of particle beam energy called blaster bolts from a replaceable power cell. The most commonly used weapon in the galaxy, blasters’ intense beams consisting of compacted high-energy particles and intense light could kill or paralyze their target, depending on their setting.

Bill Gates: Skype deal was great for Microsoft
Microsoft’s $8.5bn purchase of Skype was a “great deal”, Bill Gates has said.

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