Smallville Finale Freakout [Video]

Spoiler Alert: Video features the last six minutes of the Smallville finale… with some audio of a guy litteraly having some kind of cerebral orgasm over the whole thing.

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  1.  Is this Double-Rainbow Guy? I kept expecting a "What does it MEEEEAN? OH GOD SOB WHAT DOES IT MEEEEAN." I are disappoint. But "AMERICAAAA" was pretty satisfying.

  2. I've never followed Smallville, but I love the use of the John Williams score in the final moments of that clip.  I think this guy is awesome.

  3. This guy really needs to put on some pants and get out in the real world. This is why most of the people in this country are obese. He has been waiting since his 11th birthday when Smallville premiered for this moment. God help us all.


    Rule number one : Never tell to this guy "America is shit"
    Rule number two  : Never tell to this guy "Superman is gay you 
    Rule number three : Never tell to this guy "Lol non i'm kidding, 
    Superman is not gay, he can't, because Superman do not exist" 

  5. My guess, he lives vicariously through entertainment media. Also, pretty certain he either wet himself, or creamed his pants… or both.
    You can tell, he kept waiting to see Clark in the full body suit… which never happens.
    Personally, I found the ending to be underwhelming. It could have been bigger.

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