A Happy and Geeky Mother’s Day!

What better way to tell your mom, or the mom of your geeklets, that you love her by sending her these awesomely geeky animated GIFs by our friends at Buzzfeed?


5 Responses to A Happy and Geeky Mother’s Day!

  1. Wah! I Love those!!! I can't wait til my son is old enough to make mother's day goodies with his hands! Those construction paper thingnies are so cute!!! For now, I just got woken up by him with HUGES kisses and hugs. For a 3 y old, that's awesome that he remembered!!!

  2. My Mother was a huge Star Trek fan and general lover of scifi stories in general. I use to watch Babylon 5 with her every night when I was a teen. If not for her, I would never be the rediculously nerdy person I am today! Thank you Mom, your the best nerd Mom ever! :D

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