Spielberg’s Open Letter to Lucas

There was a time when “Jaws” was more popular than “Star Wars”, believe it or not. It wasn’t a long time, but it did happen. When the new space opera overtook the world’s most fearsome killer fish in the theaters, director Steven Spielberg published a congratulatory open letter to his long-time pal George Lucas in the┬áDecember 2nd, 1977 issue of Variety.

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9 Responses to Spielberg’s Open Letter to Lucas

  1. Yah well Spielberg hasn't released 10 bagillion versions of Jaws. Jaws would probably be doing better if they just released the super ultra spiffy shiny 3D deluxe widescreen random anniversary edition. Now with more scenes where the shark didn't bite first.

    • This letter was written before all the super spiffy ultra cool 3D random anniversay editions ever came into being so not quite the case at this particular point in time..

  2. The two of them actually went back and forth a few times. Lucas put a similar ad in Variety in 1982 for E.T., and again in 1999 for James Cameron and Titanic. I'm sure there were more.

    • Ah, the one I missed was when Star Wars was re-released in 1997, it passed E.T., and Spielberg took out another ad then. That's why it was Lucas' turn in 1999. Cameron defeated himself with Avatar, so presumably no ad there.

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