Steve Jobs in Carbonite iPhone Case Zapped by Lawyers

Just as in The Empire Strikes Back, Han Solo has fallen prey to a vast and powerful empire. But this time it’s Apple.

One of the most creative iPhone cases to date lasted just a matter of days before the lawyers got involved. The Steve Jobs case featured a recreation of the infamous scene of Han Solo being encased in carbonite and, like all works of art, provoked questions in the audience.

The question of course being whose legal team would be onto the matter first: Apple or Lucasfilms. Society6, the site that sold the case, soon reported that it “was issued a cease and desist from Apple’s lawyers. So I’m sorry to say that the cases and skins are no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Whether Apple actually had a case (so to speak) is questionable and would lead to an interesting legal debate about the extent to which a person’s name and public image can be protected. (The Star Wars side of things would almost certainly be a situation where such a parody was acceptable.) But that legal debate would likely have proven much more affordable for Society6 than for Apple.

For those still looking for their Han Solo fix, this custom designed desk — which notably is described only as a sci-fi themed product — might be a viable, if expensive, option.


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  1. This is sad. This is "similar" to the star wars scene, but i think tyhis shoyuld be allowed under parody. It's not like they just stuck steve jobbs face there. It looks like they actually took the time and customly made the image of him encased. I also think apple had NO RIGHT to give a cease and decist order. It's just a case. What rights does it infringe upon for apple? Just because it features steve jobbs they take it down? Next its going to be whee apple would take down skins depicting just steve jobs, just because they feel steve jobbs image is "copyrighted". Total bs.

    • It's not that… it's because Steve Jobs image is sacred!!! And one commandment is Thou Shall Not Encase your GOD in Carbonite…! XD XD
      Steve Jobs is full of it. To hell with him.

    • There case would likely have been based entirely on defamation. They would say that the case destroys Steve Jobs' image and character because it likens him to a famous rapscallion and depicts him as deserving of imprisonment or some such nonsense.

  2. What Steve needs is the Darth Vader suit… or better yet, the Emperor's cloak… Apple iis the new Evil Empire.

  3. All I have to say is that if someone started selling a product like this with my image on it, I'd be downright flattered.

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