Monday Morning Links Serving: The May 2nd Edition

Faster! Faster! Scientists Push 100 Terabit Speeds
Two research groups in the last few weeks have shown off 100 terabit per second speeds delivered over fiber connections according to a nice article in New Scientist

TomTom to Users: Sorry We Sold Your Traffic Data to the Cops
TomTom has apologized for selling user data from personal navigation devices to police.

Fingernail-sized satellites depart on Endeavor’s last run
A group of Cornell-developed, fingernail-sized satellites may travel to Saturn within the next decade, and as they flutter down through its atmosphere, they will collect data about chemistry, radiation and particle impacts.

Android, Chrome OS, and Ubuntu United in One Platform
With so many exciting new operating systems to choose from today, it can be tough to settle on just one–particularly if you’re an open source fan.

Netflix Is Killing BitTorrent in The US
Something’s not right in the United States…


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