Multitasker par Excellence: DDR and Violin [Video]

Who says you can’t do two things at once? YouTuber lara6683 plays violin and Dance Dance Revolution… simultaneously.

Lara reports that her score was an A with zero misses, but admits to a few early and late moves.


7 Responses to Multitasker par Excellence: DDR and Violin [Video]

  1. not truly multitasking, maybe is she had been playing a tune that was completely off pace from the game, but playing the violin to the pace of the game is not really that hard.

    • Well I guess haters gotta hate. You know instead of nit picking the fact that she was playing the same song as she was dancing to how about you show a slight bit of humility for the fact she got a A rank while "Playing a freaking Violin and dancing on DDR". Tell ya what Zeddy boy, post a link with you rocking on a cello while dancing to max 300 if you wish to make you post seem valid.

      And to the young woman in the video a tip of the hat and a wag of the finger to ZeddicusZullZoranerr for being an Ultra Douche.

  2. Call me a hater… but she missed 2 steps at around 0:25, and another at 1:02.
    Now if she was doing something like MAX300 and not stopping to play…

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