Geek Gets Creative for Wedding Anniversary

To celebrate their third wedding anniversary, Creative Director Sean Ohlenkamp placed a special folder on the desktop of his wife’s computer.

[Via Neatorama]


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  1. Tis is really creative! this is a great inspiration for me. Thank you very much for sharing this video here. I think I got to do better than that for my wife and I's anniversary.

    • Yeah, "creative" like a typical lib vegetarian mac user, pretending to be knowlegable (and desperately wishing it were true), making the same 2-faced dig that they all do.

      Samsung nailed that entire demo with their new iPhone release parody commercial ("The Next Big Thing") – while waiting in line for hours, queued up around the block, all waiting for the same piece of hardware that is not customizable, they spot a new Samsung, and after drooling over it for a second, they regain their composure and feign disdain, and one of them says "I could never get a Samsung; I'm creative" and antoher one behind him says "dud, you're a _barista_!".

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