Hell Girl and Babe Sapien [Pictures]

Flickr users A_Riddle and IdleAmbition cosplaying as Hell Girl and Babe Sapian, both adaptations of the popular Hell Boy characters.

[Picture sources: 1, 2]


6 Responses to Hell Girl and Babe Sapien [Pictures]

  1. This is probably nit-picky… but I just can't imagine a girl version of Hell Boy wearing a mini-skirt. Maybe some cargo pants or tight jeans sure… but… miniskirt? I dunno, doesn't seem to suite the character.

    Otherwise, AWESOME cosplay! :D

  2. I really don't like these female versions of male characters, or vice versa. I admire the skill in making these costumes, (and as a huge nerd for westerns I love the choice of revolver) but they just bug me more than I admire them.

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