May Forever Alone Be With You: Luke Skywalker Ceremonial Jacket with Medal Of Yavin

Remember the jacket Luke Skywalker wore at the end of A New Hope? Well now you too can buy an officially-licensed version of the very same jacket for just $139! Just try to imagine how dashing you geeks would look with this on… and let’s not even talk about the jacket’s probable influence on the ladies…

The well reknown ceremonial jacket that Luke Skywalker wears in episode IV after destroying the Death Star and saving the rebel base from a horrific fate. Constructed of nylon with a polyester lining, this coat is an athletic cut, and features no zipper. The ceremonial medal that Luke was rewarded is included with this jacket. All detail to this jacket and medal is true to Episode IV and is an identical replica of that found in Lucasfilm Archives. This fully licensed jacket comes with a nice clothing bag for protection, and a full color certificate of authenticity.

Luke Skywalker Ceremonial Jacket with Medal Of Yavin$275 $139 (52% Off)

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