Green Lantern Extended TV Spot [Video]

Check out the new extended TV spot Warner Bros. has just released for their upcoming Green Lartern movie.

Thoughts? :)


12 Responses to Green Lantern Extended TV Spot [Video]

  1. Unintentional funny big budget trash crap you forget right while watching. Wanna bet?

    Please copy and paste this statement for any upcoming Thor and Chaptain America movie :)

  2. I'm taking a minimalist approach to this movie (and Thor and Cpt America). I'll watch trailers when I'm in the movie theater, but otherwise I don't want to know. I don't want to know in advance how cheesy or cool the movie will be, I want to be totally surprised when I go to see the movie. xD

  3. it might be crap, but i don't care. It's a comic book film and therefore i am duty bound to watch it at the cinema and also own it on DVD. I love comic book films even if the plot is made up by a Magpie with ADHD.

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