Droids Have Feelings, Too

When the Death Star blew up, did you ever stop to think about all those Death Star Droids that didn’t make it out in time?

Do you think R2 had feelings of abandonment when Obi-Wan said he didn’t remember ever owning a droid?

You probably never knew that B-1 Battle Droid 3B3 loved to knit sweaters.  Or that B-1 Battle Droid 3B3-1138 was an avid collector of vintage power converters.  I’ll bet you couldn’t even tell the two apart, could you?  God, you’re so insensitive…

Graphic designer/illustrator Chris Gerringer is bringing the feelings of droids to the forefront with his excellent series of wallpapers available for download at his website, paperbeatsscissors.com

By downloading and using one of these wallpapers, you’re giving a voice to those without a voice (other than beeps and boops).  Because even if you’re fluent in over 6 million forms of communication, that doesn’t mean a thing if no one’s listening.

(If droids aren’t your thing, Gerringer has also designed some pretty kick-ass, realistic Pokemon wallpapers, and a great StarFox one, too. Everybody wins!)


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