Ahhhhh Technology! [Pic]



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  1. Old picture is old. However still funny. The thing is, I went through 3 NES's over a 20 year period. Contacts eventually went bad, one the video up and died on it, and the last one is still going strong. Even though I don't pull it out very often now a days. No tech if bulletproof, however MS screwed up when it came to the 360. too much heat, not enough heatsink, and piss poor QA testing = fail.

  2. I'm suffering from a similar fate… my PS3 is shot due to a bad bluray laser, there for it is unable to play games or BR movies, but the DVD laser still works fine as well as apps like NetFlix / Hulu. This is first gen slim line, so it's not like it's old and beat down. My PS2 that I stood in line for on release night still works flawlessly. A PS3 that's roughly 18 or 19 months old is already rendered useless. Sony wanted $100 to repair plus the cost of shipping/handling. WTF? I still have a PS1, SNES, N64, DreamCast, and an XBox as well as the PS2, all still work without issue, but that damn PS3 is hosed.

  3. When we have people in this generation that don't even know how to enter text over a picture it is no surprise that our technology is lacking.

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