Monday Morning Links Serving: The April 11th Edition

Watch for Firefox 5 Release in June
Mozilla has set an aggressive schedule for the next version of Firefox, slating the release of Firefox 5 for June 21.

How Facebook Changed Technology in One Day
The biggest deal about Facebook’s open compute project isn’t the project, it’s the wave of innovation this can bring forward at the systems level — which will affect everyone from the chipmakers to the giant systems vendors and data center operators.

10 Ingenious iPad Self-Portraits
Now that the iPad 2 boasts a camera, we’re seeing even more creativity in the iOS photography arena. One concept that has raised a smile here at Mashable is the iPad self-portrait.

Rumored Google Music app apparently leaks to Web
What is apparently the next version of Android Music 3.0 is being passed around the Web today, after the software was obtained by a tech-reviews site.

The Remarkable Rise of Android – And Where it Goes From Here
Two and a half years ago, Sergey Brin, Larry Page and T-Mobile introduced the world to the very first Android phone, the G1. It was a good phone with a workmanlike design, decent keyboard, an average screen and lots of Google goodness built right into it. No one, least of all me, thought it stood much of a chance against the surging Apple iPhone.


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