Geek Zodiak

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52 Responses to Geek Zodiak

  1. I'm a ninja/samurai. I don't know how I feel about being unemotional, subservient and violent, but hey! DARTH VADER!

  2. I got the friggin' alien? JEEEEZ not even the cool Predator one – but the weird Space-Embryo guy ~_~

  3. Offer this as a Wall Poster… Mostly so we can read it…

    I would buy one… Cause I like What I am!!! But I cannot tell you… Or I'd have to kill you…

  4. The 1956 in Ninja/Samurai should be 1958. Whoever created this graphic has dishonored himself. And what's with making the oldest geeks read the smallest print?

  5. Hmmm, can't find 1958 on there but I found TWO for 1952 and 1956, so if I was born a few years earlier I would be able to choose the best one for me, I guess.

  6. How can anyone even read this? It's so blurry! Increase the resolution on the image please – those of us with less than average vision are missing out on the fun. :(

  7. Under Ninja / Samurai the Geek Zodiak lists Itto Okami. Is it not Itto Ogami? Sorry for being lazy but my copies are in a box deep in the basement and I’m lazy.

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