@DeathStarPR Parodies Windows 7 Ads [Videos]

If you’re on Twitter and aren’t following @DeathStarPR, you’re doing it wrong. Though they’ve been funny enough to keep me RTing the last several months, this week’s launch of Death Star PR videos is likely going to bring them a little extra geek love.

“I’m TK-421, and the Death Star was my idea.”

I wish they’d gotten a better James Earl Jones impersonator for this one, but “pimped out space ball” almost redeems it.

Translating Chewy into American Sign Language can’t be easy. That’s one talented trooper.

Follow @DeathStarPR on Twitter for gems like, “Is that a lightsaber in your pocket, Benson, or are you just happy to see m– OHGODOHMYGOD somebody get a medic in here!”  and check out their site for more tongue-in-cheek evil genius.


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  1. As I am a complete nerd, all I can say is that Vader is not "flying around in a pimped out space ball." that is the command deck of the Executor, a Super Star Destroyer…..I can't believe how much of a nerd I am sometimes.

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