A New Internet Anthem: Internetic (Technologic Remix)

Jed Stoneham of Urlesque.com has created an awesome social media-themed remix of Daft Punk’s Technologic. Check it out, it’s quite catchy!

Ok, now everone repeat after me: Tweet it, rate it, like it, star it, digg it, tag it, zip – email it
Up it, down, it, vote it, link it, reddit, share it, quik – retweet it
Face it, book it, friend it, fav it, fan it, chat it, start – reblog it
Type it, search it, ask it, blog it, buzz it, stream it, paste – upload it
Add it, buy it, win it, tip it, bump it, flag it, App – download it
Pinch it, zoom it, swipe it, tap it, text it, post it, switch – delete it
Mix it, trend it, meme it, fail it, rage it, troll it, old – repost it
Join it, launch it, check it, badge it, herp it, derp it, no- submit it



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