Charm City Cakes’ Geeky Cakes for Two [Pics]

Old time Geeks are Sexy readers will surely have noticed it by now, but we at [GAS] just love geeky cakes, and Charm City Cakes is one of the bakeries who makes the most awesomely geeky cakes we’ve seen. Unfortunately, most ordinary people cannot afford their cakes, so they’ve come up with a new line of products called “Cakes for Two.” Even though they’re named “Cakes for Two”, these cakes can actually serve up to 15 people, and are priced at, are you ready for this? $250. $250?? For 15 people? YOU GUYS MUST BE KIDDING ME? At that price, I think I’ll keep on going to my local bakery, thank you. Anyways, here are the two geekiest-looking ones we’ve seen among the bunch they’ve posted to their site.

[Charm City Cakes]

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