Help Save TrekFest, Get a Vial of Kirk Dirt

The town of Riverside, Iowa is host to the annual TrekFest celebration. As the “future birthplace” of Captain James Tiberius Kirk, they have a legitimate claim to fame–who doesn’t love Kirk?

This year, though, Riverside is in a bit of trouble. TrekFest XXVII fast approaches (scheduled for June 24-25), and they need funding, fast. The event’s site has set up a donation page with the following promise:

Make a $25.00 donation to save trekfest and receive a thank you gift of a certificate of authenticity with a vial of kirk dirt.

Your donation can help you rest at night knowing you helped save a geek institution, and the Kirk Dirt is kind of just a bonus.

[via TrekFest]


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  1. My husband and I diverted to drive through Riverside on a road trip through Iowa. I can assure you, they have plenty of dirt to fund this drive.

  2. Let's assume for a second that this place is still around in a little over 200 years.

    What's the local hospital going to do with all the Mrs. Kirks that show up that day to have their babies delivered? Will the first one get dibs on "James Tiberius?" Because it's gonna be a real Spartacus moment otherwise.

    Riverside, Iowa: Future Birthplace of 12 different people named James T. Kirk, March 22, 2228, none of whom turned out to be a starship captain. All of whose parents were super nerds.

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