Yes, Please: Another Power Girl Cosplayer [Pic]

Check out this amazing Power Girl outfit by Cosplayer ?????? (no idea what that means). Now please, no need to mention that Power Girl is my favorite DC superheroine, I’m sure you guys all noticed that by now.

Body Suit was made from Pleather, which was a pain in the ass but totally worth it. Handmade all the piping. The gloves and boots were hand sewn out of the same fabric to match, with zippers and buckles for accuracy. The cape is stretch fleece lined with red satin and I made the gold armor our of resin.

[Source | Photo by Trythil, Ljinto]

10 Responses to Yes, Please: Another Power Girl Cosplayer [Pic]

  1. Don't get me wrong she is pretty but if you stop looking at her boobs long enough to see her face…. That is a terrible looking face she's making. It's not very sexy at all…..

  2. The name really doesn't make a lot of sense. Especially the ? in the middle is nothing you'd use at that place. In english, it's common to put a dash between the name and a suffix like "chan", but in japanese you don't do that. Not to mention that the ? sign is usually used to draw out the pronounciation of a vowel, not like a dash.

    Moreover, ?? is usually pronounced "jishi" and it's some kind of tax pertaining to agricultural use of land. You could still read it as "chiko", but even then: The first kanji doesn't mean earth as in "planet earth" but more like in "soil", probably not what she had in mind when she picked the name.

  3. DC's Thor have had a change of sex and swap his hammer for a pair of boobies x'D, What are her special powers ? Making men spurt ? oO' (hum…no that's Orgazmo's power…or maybe she's his kid)

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