Amazon Deal of the Day: 93% Off Maximum PC Magazine – $7.48 (12 Issues)

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has a 1-year subscribtion to the Maximum PC magazine for just $7.48! That’s 93% Off the magazine’s usual retail price of $107.88.

Designed for the rabid PC hobbyist, Maximum PC brings tons of news and reviews written in an irreverent, edgy style. Full disclosure is the modus operandi here, and there’s an almost overwhelming amount of tech specs and features for each product that’s discussed, tweaked, stretched, shaken, and stirred. Whether you want to upgrade your CPU or compare the newest motherboards and graphics cards, Maximum PC is a great resource for all your PC computing needs. –Michael Lewis

Maximum PC Magazine$107.88 $7.48 (93% Off)


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  1. i was a long-time subscriber of MaximumPC and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, my computing interests took a different turn that the direction MaxPC was going. Nevertheless, it was a really good magazine and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in computing.

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