Geek-centric Dating Site Made of Fail

Niche dating sites have been popping up all over for the last couple years, including those for book-lovers, pet-owners and people who love a guy with a mustache.

So, it’s really nothing new to see a nerd-specific site out there on teh interwebz, since, hey, this is where we all are, right? But, really, shouldn’t the founders of really try to step up their game a bit? I mean, who wants to join a dating site that features this guy as a representative member?

There’s no featured female nerd, either, which I can only assume means a) women aren’t nerds, according to, or b) geeky women are less hot than that guy up there.

The hell, I say.

The fact that this site doesn’t take any realistic features of real-life nerds and geeks into account, instead relying on long-outdated (and hardly attractive) stereotypes, reeks of site-mill manufacture. It smells exactly like the inside of a tauntaun. The site would be better served if they hired one of their member-geeks to redesign it with some real world examples of geeky people. Cosplay chicks and guys in lab coats for instance, or hey, how about a normal-looking person who loves to code? I know these people–why doesn’t Nerd Passions?

We at [GAS] know geeks are sexy as all get-out. Really, it’s all we ever talk about. Thankfully, there are some geek and chic dating sites out there for people who know that “Revenge of the Nerds” was not a documentary.

[via NerdPassions and Mashable]