Interpreting Link’s Eyes [Comic]

Edit: Ok, ok, I botched things up. Now you can all stop complaining, I fixed the title. ;)

[Source: Digital Unrest Comic]


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  1. I never really gave it much thought but I think you should know that the character's name is Link, not Zelda so the title should be "Interpreting Link's Eyes".

  2. Ok guys…This is the second time that you've royally botched something up. If you don't know what you are writing about then don't write about it or find someone who knows. That is NOT Zelda and anyone who has played the games will know that it's Link. Link the is the hero with the Batman-like utility belt and arsenal that he uses to pwn the bad guys. Zelda is the princess which he is pretty much always saving or working with.

    You really need to hire more knowledgeable writers.

  3. GEEZUS! Come on guys! That's LINK!

    yeah… i just felt like being overly redundant… because, well… COME ON! That's not Zelda! That's LINK!

  4. I've always interpreted them as "Chronic Fatique"
    Come on. You run around all day trying to get rupees and weapons that certain bosses are affected by while others aren't while everything in the realm is trying to kill you and some water creature can't stop being an ass and hitting you with what I'm assuming is spit-wads because some princess can't hire a decent royal guard. The only person who is trying to help is some old woman and a greedy salesman, and they hide in caves which you have to find.

  5. It could be that the original post's title meant "The eyes of the Zelda video game", not "The eyes of Zelda herself", ya know.

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