Excuse Me, Miss–Your Dress Is Ringing.

I can’t tell you how often I’m all dressed up and have nowhere to keep my phone. This has happened to me, I don’t know… at least one time. Thanks to soft circuit technology and the folks at CuteCircuit, I can now have my fancy soiree and my phone, too. Behold, the M-Dress, a silk jersey sheath that is also a mobile phone:

That sharp-dressed woman is presumably talking on her phone (and levitating, but that’s a different post). According to the CuteCircuit site, you simply insert your SIM card into the tag and voila! Phoneless mobile service on the go. If you do receive a call while looking fabulous (and of course you will), simply lift your palm to your ear as illustrated, and to hang up, return your arm to your side. Silk jersey and gesture recognition? I’ll have two, please.

The M-Dress is not yet available but CuteCircuit has it posted as a Coming Soon item in their store. Available now: the beautiful-but-somewhat-less-impressive Star Scarf, shown above, and the goth-glam-meets-sci-fi configuration in the video below, known as the CuteCircuit Kinetic Dress.

The company, based in London, specializes in all manner of Wearable Technology, including Bluetooth enabled shirts and pattern-shifting skirts.


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