ZOMG: Firefox 4 is out!

Stop everything you’re doing and go upgrade right now! :)

Here’s a short video explaning everything there is to know about the new browser.

[Download Firefox 4]


12 Responses to ZOMG: Firefox 4 is out!

  1. The "button" anti-feature is why I refuse to use any of the newer MiscroSoft software. I hate it that much. Much of the fruu fruu tab " organization" is worthless fluff.
    I hope this is not an indication of Mozilla becoming a clone of Gates & Jobs

  2. And, probably the same old Firefox Start page that started with v0.9 and has not had a single code byte changed since then. Still no Google Suggest in the box, I presume?

    Sticking with Chrome until someone screenshots otherwise, thx.

  3. Come on, make something original. Opera made combining tabs, chome made pin tab. Explorer 9 combined tabs and adress bar. And ff? Just copying others, and it took almost a year to get to stable…
    P.S. Chrome FTW!

  4. They swapped the options for 'open in new tab' and 'open in new window' in the right click menu, that combined with the fact that 'open in new tab' didn't seem to work from the bookmarks menu made v4 quite annoying.

    I reinstalled 3.6.10 5 minutes after installing 4.

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