Superman and the Flash Start Flame War, Refuse to Comment

There are few debates in life as intense as those which pit superheroes against one another, and no place like the Internet to take a geek-fueled fever pitch a full order of magnitude further than necessary.

Who runs faster, Superman or the Flash?

Seems like an innocuous enough question–I mean, who’s going to have a strong, immutable opinion on that? Well, apparently everyone who comments at The Source (the Official Blog of the DC Universe). It began with a preview of Superman #709, in which writer Chris Roberson and artist Eddy Barrows imagine a race between Superman and the Flash. Then, all hell broke loose.

The flaming got so intense that DC closed comments on all posts and removed most of the offending remarks, leaving only a few (unfunny) comments and this notice from Molly of DC Comics:

Until further notice, fans won’t be able to discuss the new Wonder Woman costume or how Aquaman is virtually useless in the DC Universe’s official home. Perhaps we should bring the debate here… what do you think, Geeks? Superman or the Flash for the win?


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