A Visual History of Humanity in 100 Seconds

To create this visual history of Humanity, Gareth Lloyd and Tom Martin used data from 15,500 historical events on Wikipedia and mapped them on an empty surface according to their locations on the world map and the time each happened during the history of mankind. Watch as the new world explodes as Christopher Columbus crosses the Atlantic in 1492.



5 Responses to A Visual History of Humanity in 100 Seconds

  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful video. This is actually a boring video for people who don't understand it. But this really shows how man started exploring the world.

  2. All it demonstrates is the western-centric worldview and lack of non-western history by Wikipedia.

  3. Interesting. It definitely needs a higher number of events. Anyone see how crazy it was from 1800 on? Especially from the US. Its probably not exactly fair considering there were more events recorded in the past 200 years, too.