Powergirl Cosplay [Pic]


Nothing to see here, move along! :)

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52 Responses to Powergirl Cosplay [Pic]

  1. I'll give you 3 guesses as to what her 'super power' is…..your first 2 guesses don't count.

  2. She is definitely powerful! I think I wanna fight beside her! lol I am Powerboy! However, I agree this is one of the easiest characters to cosplay on. By the way she is pretty.

    • Son….someone needs to knock some sense into you. THAT my friend is class one hawness. You damn kids have no appreciation for beauty beyond having someone's ribs showing, and looking like their face is made of plastic. Shit and I'm only 35 and I can appreciate something as beautiful as that.

      • Couldn't agree more!! She's pretty, she's in great shape, she has a winning and simultaneously winning smile, lovely hair, and one hell of a mischievous costume (to say the least). Her hubbie is a lucky guy :)

    • She's aging gracefully, just like me. I'll take her. What do you think, everyone can remain 21 forever, fool?! Let's see what you look like at the age you are now.

  3. Who is that outrageously sexy woman? I've see this photo before and would love to know what name she works under. I'd love to hire her for a professional photo shoot. Of course, I am a professional, don't try this at home, unless you are me. I'm gonna need to use my widest angle lens to capture the magnificence of this super human beauty. Indeed, where do women like this come from? [my] Jaw dropped to the floor. God bless her whoever she is. ( . )( .) ___ | | ____
    —–( . )( . )—-
    ) (
    ( V )

  4. Now why isn't the Bed Made up, I mean Really… *turns around* Huh ? OHHHHH… *turns back to PC* Well Yes that woman is indeed lovely and her Bosoms are quite ample to make her resemblance to Power-girl more pronounced.

  5. That's a nice bed-sheet you have there. Where'd you get it, and for how much?
    Also, you have to tell me who painted your walls, they look great with that lightning.