Monday Morning Links Serving: The March 14th Edition

If you had bought 100 shares of Microsoft 25 years ago …
If you had the good fortune to have bought 100 shares at the $21 offering price that day and sat on the investment for 25 years, it would have mushroomed into 28,800 shares over the course of nine stock splits and be worth about three quarters of a million dollars today.

10 Ways Big Brother Wants to Control You (Or Already Does)
We’ve all noticed a bit of a change in the socio-political atmosphere in the last few years. Whether it’s in the emergence of social networking monopolies or the advancement of tracking systems, it seems more and more that Big Brother has got us covered — in more ways than one.

13 wonderfully geeky 404 not-found pages
No doubt you’ve stumbled upon one or 100 of these in your life as an Internet-capable citizen of the world. More often than not, you just back out and continue about your day. But sometimes a webmaster goes that extra mile to make a dead end a place worth visiting.

The First Laptop To Be Controlled With The Eye
Lenovo, the world’s fourth largest manufacturer of personal computers, a multinational corporation with principal operations based in China and Head Quarters in USA, has built the world’s first eye-controlled laptop, using eye tracking technology from Tobii.

Google Maps Navigation Gains Real-Time Traffic Re-Routing
Traffic. Just the mention of the word makes some city folk cringe, and for most everyone, it turns a good day into a bad one.


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